Monthly Archives: March 2014

What Would You Do?

Imagine you were someone who consistently lied, betrayed, distorted and caused trouble constantly.

Imagine you attempted, on at least two known occasions, to take down and discredit a well known database for women.

Imagine you were friends with two women who trusted you, cared for you, believed you, supported you. And you stabbed them in the back.

Imagine you’ve spent the past year defaming and libelling them on twitter.

Imagine that you have stalked and harassed them. Imagine that you implied (and in some cases suggested outright) that these women ‘outed’ you, when actually you stood as a local councillor in your area & outed yourself.

Imagine you continually blamed everything that happened to you on those women, but they’d done NONE of the things you accuse them of. Imagine that you accused them of all sorts of things that never happened.

Imagine no one questioned you, despite you being found out as a liar on several occasions. Imagine that no one defended these two women, no one challenged you, or asked the women if it was true.

Imagine that you relied on the fact that those two women had integrity and would never do anything about your hurtful and destructive behaviour.

Now imagine that those two women, who have not contacted you, spoken of you or done anything to harm you, reach their breaking point.

Imagine that they have got every screencap of every lie, every defamation, every libel you ever said about them.

Imagine that, despite warnings, you continue to lie about them. Imagine you lied about them again just yesterday morning.

What do YOU think those two women would do?

Well I’ll tell you.

Those women know that anonymity online is not guaranteed. They know that people are not as anonymous as they think they are.

Those women know that police forces are starting to take stalking and harassment online more seriously.

And all they need to do is provide the evidence.

Now imagine.

What would YOU do?