No theory of patriarchy

To be sung to the tune of the Beastie Boys’ Fight For Your Right (To Party):

You wake up late for femsoc man you don’t wanna go

You ask the NUS, “Please?” but they still say, “No!”

You fluffed two pronouns and mentioned male violence

So you end up no-platformed cos people feel silenced


Cos they got no

theory of



Lindy West caught you terfing and she said, “No way!”

That hypocrite terfs two blogs a day

Man, now it’s exclusionary to object to stalking

And Laurie Penny threw away your copy of Dworkin (Busted!)

[repeat chorus]


Don’t call yourself female if that’s the clothes you’re gonna wear

You’re def non-binary if you don’t cut that hair

Paris Lees busted in and said, “What’s that schism?”

Aw, Paz you’re just jealous it’s fem-in-ism!


[repeat chorus]

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